How millennials behave when faced with their first real estate purchase

How millennials behave when faced with their first real estate purchase

Millennials are back on the real estate market.After a slightly less favorable year 2020, buyers under 35 have represented nearly 54% of first-time buyers since the start of the year, an increase of 4.48 points If we thought they were less enamored with real estate than their elders, the stone remains essential in their life course.42% of them even think that it is the time to buy, according to the figures of the first edition of SeLoger-Empruntis' “My First Purchase” observatory.From the inception of the project to financing, including the types of goods sought, this study, broadcast as a preview by “l'Obs », Is interested in the behavior of millennials when faced with their first real estate purchase.

For 25% of these millennials, it is the evolution of their financial situation that is the trigger.25% of them want to make an investment.For 23%, it is the evolution of their personal situation which pushes them to buy.

Although most of the projects (63%) were born before the first confinement in March, the health crisis has kicked the anthill.According to figures from the observatory, nearly 3 first-time buyers Millennials in 4 feel they have been affected by the October reconfinement; 45% of them are behind schedule and 18% preferred to postpone their project to 2021.

Buying despite the health crisis? Millennials are divided on the subject.42% think it is the right time to buy a house or an apartment, while 38% are hesitant about it and 20% believe that the period is not opportune.

Posted Date: 2021-03-31

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