Real estate purchase or rental, start-ups are invited at all stages

Applications, software, algorithms, digital platforms are increasingly involved in real estate negotiation.The Internet works wonders to bring together, in this very specific market, an offer that is by nature limited and rigid because localized with demand constrained by the geographic sector and especially by the budget of the candidates for the property or the rental.

“Today, before visiting and moving around, consumers demand a lot of information, make online estimates, collect data on the neighborhood and sometimes know more than seasoned professionals,” explains Fabrice Larceneux, researcher specializing in real estate at the CNRS and at the Paris-Dauphine University.The profession is not uberized but shaken up, it must demonstrate its added value."

"So many criteria that trigger the purchase"

Improving the efficiency of real estate research is the objective pursued by Antoine Huvé, founder of"If, in Paris, it is difficult to find a property, in the provinces, it is the is the buyers who must be convinced, ”says Mr.Huvé, 33, son of a real estate agent from Deauville.This Normandy business school graduate did not want to take over his parents' beautiful agency - yet well placed with a good clientele - because he understood that the profession was going to evolve.He had the idea of reversing the research process: the candidate for the purchase is invited to draw on the map the geographical area in which he is prospecting, then to describe precisely his research and his budget.He can thus indicate that he wants a house with a single-storey room, located outside the subdivision, in the city center with a view, near a particular station or such a highway."So many criteria that trigger the purchase but that you cannot set on the s It is classic advertisements.The more detailed the request, the better! », Specifies Mr.Huvé.

Posted Date: 2020-12-19

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